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“There is an insurance agency around every corner, with access to the same plans and rates.  It’s not just the little things that set us apart – but more importantly, the BIG things.”

The need for a Total Solution applies to all companies regardless of size, industry or economy. The new world of healthcare has completely changed the landscape for employers. LEVERAGE Benefits Group provides a suite of service offerings which sets us apart from the average benefits agency. LEVERAGE Benefits Group is not just an employee benefit services consulting agency. We are a full-service administration center and compliance solution provider that has proven satisfaction with our clients. Our job is to make your workday as easy as possible; to take the tedious, time consuming and complex pieces off of your plate.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

With LEVERAGE Benefits Group, your HR department does not have the tedious task of updating multiple, and we mean multiple, carrier sites and systems in order to process one enrollment change. We have streamlined the process and reduced these steps down to…ONE!

Open enrollment processing is completely seamless and even more important…paperless.

We have eliminated the burden of managing and auditing benefit election paperwork throughout the year and at open enrollment. Simple is good. It’s life changing!

As your employee benefits broker, LEVERAGE Benefits Group will develop creative plan designs based on your goals and initiatives. All LEVERAGE Benefits Group agents and account managers have been in the group health insurance industry for at least a decade…if not more.

“Our team will provide Best In Class solutions while controlling rising costs associated with Employee Benefits.”

  • LEVERAGE Benefits Group is experienced in working with local and national markets; servicing clients throughout the country
  • Broad understanding of carrier designs (fully insured and self-funded) as well as state regulatory requirements
  • Exclusive partnership agreements/programs with a variety of national carriers and state leagues
  • Dedicated staff assigned to each client
  • HR Consulting & Compliance Solutions: Employee Handbooks, Summary Plan Descriptions, COBRA, ACA Reporting
  • Complete benefits administration on the client’s behalf
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • LEVERAGE Benefits Group University

One invoice for all lines of coverage.

LEVERAGE Benefits Group audits each carrier bill on your behalf and consolidates to one invoice for all lines of coverage. Due to the fact that you use our system for enrollment; we bill you real time, based on accurate enrollment.

This service ensures that only the employees that should be on your plan; are on your plan…and the bill. During our initial audit, we have found that clients have been paying a premium for employees who terminated months ago. Those days are gone.

Just give us the date of employee termination – we take the ball from there.

LEVERAGE Benefits Group manages COBRA eligibility and administration so that you don’t have to. COBRA eligible employees or participants contact our staff directly with any questions they may have about their rights or plan information. As a COBRA administrator, we handle all aspects of the process for you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Relax – we’ve got you covered.

Having a difficult time keeping up with the ever-changing mandates from ACA compliance?  Are you well versed in the laws of HIPAA and COBRA? Did you know certain mandates can cost you and your company monetary penalties if you do not comply?

LEVERAGE Benefits Group makes compliance as easy as A-B-C with our pre-packaged COPE solution. We’ve done all the work, navigated the changes and provide on-going support to keep you and your company on track and in compliance.

Compliance Oversight Program for Employers (COPE) is here. Contact your LEVERAGE Benefits Group Account Manager for details.

LEVERAGE Benefits Group helps you stay compliant with new and existing Department of Labor requirements. Avoid paying
non- compliance fees. LEVERAGE Benefits Group will ensure that you are prepared by creating and maintaining what is required of an employer providing group benefits.

“Are your Health Plan Documents up to date?”